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Imagimedia is a digital agency offering custom web and multi media development, design, Internet marketing and optimisation.

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Search engine optimisation, Pretoria Here at Imagimedia we believe that showing is better than telling, We have all the information you need about search engine optimisation below the free test. Facts are that it is easier for you to understand by testing your own website. The free test below will tell you all about your website and what you have done right and what needs fixing.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO is simply put the art of "giving the search engines what they need to be able to give the users what they want." Imagine for a moment the internet is a room filled with newspapers and you want to find a specific article or advert that was placed on page 3 on the 10th of December 2019. You are not sure of the date but you know you saw it. If there was no form of indexing and a method of finding what you wanted you would spend years trying to find it. Google is that indexing system that allows you to find the specific article.

Now imagine that indexing system doesn't have the neccessary information to categorize the information and the manager of the index has to guess what the purpose of the article is. 91% of web sites do not have the information so the index has them listed but does not suggest them when people are searching for a business like yours. This is good news for many small businesses in that your competitions website is probably not much better than yours. Competing to be the one website that Google prizes above all others is less competitive in some sectors.

a further 4% of websites get less than 10 referrals a month from search engines, That leaves 5% of all websites getting enough referrals to make them worth having.

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The most important skill any small business owner or entrepreneur can have is sales. Without sales there is no income, without income, no profit, and no business can survive without profits. In my last business venture I spent no money on advertising, did no cold calling or social media marketing beyond having a facebook page in almost three years. 99% of the businesses leads were generated from the website. I generated more leads than I could service.

Some of the things I learned whilst running that small business are:
  • Traffic for the sake of traffic has no real value, Exposure doesn't pay the rent, sales do. To do sales you need leads
  • The majority of my business was local For most Pretoria based small businesses getting visitors from Cape Town and Bloemfontein has no value. They can't service them.
  • Tracking results is crucial If you know what marketing is working, you can allocate budgets to lead generating activities.
  • Social-media is not a panacea Social media can generate leads, but it takes a lot of effort and the ROI can be very spotty.
  • Sometimes going analogue is better Analogue marketing can compliment digital efforts and help them grow.
  • Time spent on SEO gave the best long term results Pay per click adverts give immediate results but are short lived.

95% of businesses compete locally. Even multi national companies know this, that is why every Department store has branches in local suburbs. Would you travel to a mall 20km's away if what you had was available from a competitor down the road? There are companies that have a larger footprint than others because they have less competition.

Pretoria SEOThe local Spar's customer base is usually very local. People do not travel to the neighbouring village to buy what they can in theirs unless the service locally is terrible.

Mobile device searches are mostly local searches.

52% of all searches on Google are done with mobile devices, The majority of searches on mobile devices are goal oriented and a large percentage of them convert into a visit to a business on the same day. 91% of businesses never get a search engine referral.

This page could be very statistic laden, but in order not to bore you, my visitor, I will only mention the big ones, 91%, 52%. These are numbers that can make a huge difference to a business. If you are in the 91% statistically the local searches on mobile devices, 52% of all local searches, looking for a business like yours are lost to you, they have gone to the opposition.

A personal experience in this regard, I needed a replacement accelerator cable for my bakkie, I searched for a local business and the closest I could find online was 18km's away. A few weeks later while canvassing for business I found a company doing exactly what I needed only 4 km's from my home.

Is your business losing sales to a company in the next suburb, because people in your village have no idea that you exist? Search Engine Optimisation leads to leads and sales.

A well optimised website will get search engine referrals. The more good traffic you get, the more likely you are to do sales to your target market.

There are two types of optimisation, on page and off page. On page optimisation refers to the page that can be seen in the browser, off page refers to back end code and items like your robots.txt file and sitemaps. Here at Imagimedia we do it all, We do both on page and off page optimisation.

We do optimisation for all types of websites including Wordpress and hand coded sites.

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