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Imagimedia is a digital agency offering custom web and multi media development, design, Internet marketing and optimisation.

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Businesses are driven by profits, profits are generated by sales, sales are generated by leads. Anyone that tells you different doesn't understand business. At Nelspruit web developers, Imagimedia we understand business. Some Accountants think you can improve profits by cutting costs. This can be true if the company is wasting money on frivolity and unnecessary overhead.

You cannot improve profits by reducing the use of tea, coffee and toilet paper. You can improve profits by spending your marketing budget wisely. Advertising for the sake of advertising has no benefit. Exposure does not pay the rent.
Nelspruit web design, Imagimedia
Some would have you believe that Web design is only about the user interface(UI), Here at Nelspruit web design company, Imagimedia, we know that UI is just part of the puzzle. As full stack web developers we know that the UI cannot be separated from the bigger picture.

Web design is marketing

Like all marketing, your web design should have a defined goal. That goal in the case of business is to drive sales. Do you know how successful your website is at generating leads? Do you know where your marketing is working and where it is not? Are you tracking your results?

Any advert or marketing effort that costs more than it generates is not an investment in the business. If your web site designer does not understand this, you need a new web design specialist.
Nelspruit web design, Imagimedia
Nelspruit Web design specialists, Imagimedia are goal oriented and every step of the design process is done to ensure search engine referrals. 91% of websites never get any search engine referrals. Web sites that get search engine referrals get more leads and do more sales. The secret to getting referrals is planning to get referrals and satisfying the search engine criteria to do so.

We do not design Word-press web sites or in fact any form of website that is designed to take your money and leave you holding the bag. It is important to get things right from the beginning. At Imagimedia, Nelspruit web design specialists we offer many options. You can supply content or contract us to develop content on your behalf. There will be information required to create a working website.

Every site we design is responsive, which means it works on all platforms, every site we develop has a sitemap, robots file and is search engine ready. We connect analytics, maps and social media as desired. Book a free consultation here.

Do you need to know how it all works? check out the web design cycle for more information.

What type of website design do you need

There are a few basic types of websites and each has slightly different planning and goals. Google have a quality ranking(QR) and if your web site is no different from a thousand others, nay a million others, why would your QR be any different?

Business website design, Mpumalanga

The majority of websites on the internet would most likely fall into this category. Every business out there wants to be seen and they have a web site. Most of these websites are what we at Nelspruit web design company, Imagimedia call brochure ware.
Nelspruit web design, Imagimedia
The basic business website has a job and that is to get people to contact the service provider. How well it does this job is the question that needs answering.

Some of the best websites designed for this purpose have only one page, the sole goal of the page is to gain a contact. I call these the telesales web sites. When I do telesales I have one goal and that is to get an appointment. These websites have one goal and that is to get you to fill in a form and pass on your details to a human to follow up.

Telesales websites can also less successful because people are loath to supply their details to a business that will spam them. (The business may have no desire to do so, yet they will be perceived to want to) Some people want information and the more you supply the more they will trust you. The more trust your website engenders, the more likely the visitors are to hit the buy now button.

I prefer a combination of the two approaches, supply good information and encourage the user to hit that button. Click here if you want too speak to a human to discuss your needs. we do free consultations in person or via messenger apps like whats-app if you are not local.
Nelspruit web design, Imagimedia
When it comes to web design, like anything else you get what you pay for. There is always someone that can do it worse and cheaper is something to remember when planning a web site.

e-commerce website design, Nelspruit

E commerce websites are designed to make you buy something, pay for it online and get the goods delivered. They can vary from single product websites to websites like malls with many different departments and thousands of products.

Some offer affiliate programmes, allowing them to make every blogger out there a salesman for the company. Click here if you want too speak to a human to discuss your needs. we do free consultations in person or via messenger apps like whats-app if you are not local.

We have created websites that allow payment with gateways like Payfast, sending of Invoices to allow EFT payment and quote builders.

Information web site design, Johannesburg

Information websites differ from lead generation or sales websites as discussed above, but a combination of the two can be an even more powerful sales tool.

Information websites are generally places to get information about products, This information can be in the form of reviews, technical specifications and manuals. The most obvious example of an information site is Google gives websites like this a great quality ranking.


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