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Is 'How much does web site design cost?' the wrong question.


Here at Pretoria web designers, Imagimedia, we often get asked: "how much does website design cost?", but we know it's the wrong question to be asking. If the only thing that concerns you is the cost of the web site, you are already in line to join the 91% of web sites that get no search engine referrals.
“It takes money to make money, even begging. Humans are herd animals. If a stranger’s bleeding to death beside the road, most people won’t stop to offer a Band-Aid. But get the ball rolling with a couple Good Samaritans, and before you know it you’ve got more eager philanthropists than you know what to do with.” Sol Luckman

cost of web design
The truism goes, you must spend money to make money. Another says, You cannot have a business without advertising, doing so is like winking at a girl in the dark, only you know.

Getting bang for your advertising spend

If the question how much does web site design cost is uppermost in your mind, it's because you have spend lots on advertising and had no results that you considered as profitable. The first thing I say to clients is "If you are spending money on marketing and it's not getting results, it's too expensive whether it cost a few rand or it cost an arm and a leg."

I am always amazed when I speak to business people that don't have an advertising budget, they just spend ad hoc amounts and then the second thing is people who have no idea where they are getting results from. If you are not tracking your ad spend and results, you cannot plan to save money and spend it where it counts. How much your web site design costs is only important if you don't know whether it is bringing in a profit.

How much should web site design cost?

Pretoria web designers, Imagimedia know that the cost of web site design can be broken up into multiple components. If you are short sighted the only cost of web design that concerns you is the cost of creating the actual web site. 91% of web sites get no search engine referrals because 91% of web sites are built by companies that think that having a website is enough.

If you are happy to have only those you direct to your website as visitors, then the cost of web site design is just a number in the budget. Web sites can be built for as little as R 999.00 or even less if you search the web. At Imagimedia we don't sell products we don't believe are in your best interest. We have built our own content management system and can easily knock out a website in less than 4 hours, but we don't do business that way. Websites that get no results are just a cost to the business. We build web sites that are an investment in the business.

The main task of a web site is not to showcase a company or it's products, it is to generate leads. If a website generates leads and pays for itself, it is not a cost centre but an investment in the future of the business. I have another business that I have run for a few years and not spent a cent on advertising, my web site is responsible for every lead I get. I turn away clients because I am unable to service them, Imagine if I had asked what the cost of web site design was?

Is keeping your service provider alive important when considering the cost of web design?

I closed down my web design business in 2011 and let all my clients transfer to other service providers because I failed to take the viability of my business into consideration when planning the costs of web site design.

I have helped many clients get access to their web sites when their previous service provider just disappeared. Most of those service providers were like me trying to be the cheapest on the block. Any business needs a profit to survive and keep offering services. The cost of web design should reflect this. If your service provider disappears because their business model is not viable, so does your money.

Being the cheapest is not a recipe for success, offering the best value for money and staying viable is.

What costs of web site design should I be aware of?

As mentioned earlier the costs of web site design can be broken down into components. These costs are what we would suggest are important when considering creating a web site for your business.
what should web design cost?
  • Domain registration: Every web site needs a domain, the most commonly used in South Africa are domains, the cost of domain registration can vary from R 150.00 to R 1000's depending on the tld (.com, Most of the very expensive domains are country specific to what Donald Trump called shithole countries. There are a wide range of tlds in the lower end of the range.

  • Hosting: Every domain needs a host, At Imagimedia hosting starts at about R 99.00 per month.

  • Web site design: Web design is the component of the web site that is visible to the user. To save money you can choose a template that has already been used. We have a range of templates that can be modified to suit your business. We change images and colours to suit the clients needs. Our system is search engine ready, all the components that are needed for success on the web are coded in. The costs of web design start at R 2999.00 for the package including modifying an existing template.

  • Content creation: Content includes images and copy. If you supply this ready to copy and paste, we add it to the web site at no added cost. Content creation starts from R 1000.00 per page. This fee includes key word research and copy. Images are quoted separately, we can take photographs, create 3D models, Edit videos, create videos and more. At Imagimedia we offer a full multi media content creation service.

  • Internet marketing: Getting the web site seen, setting up analytics, local optimisation and social media. We can plan and quote on the strategies on demand.

  • Managing the website: Once the web site is up, the real work starts, analysing results, updating and creating more content, making sure that Google is seeing the website and giving it love. This is the part that needs money spending on to get the longhaul results. We recommend setting up a monthly budget for this, a good amount will be between R2500 and R 5000 or more if you want ongoing and increasing results.

The real question to ask is: how much must I spend to make a profit on my web site?

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