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Imagimedia is a digital agency offering custom web and multi media development, design, Internet marketing and optimisation.

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Pretoria based web designers and developers, Pretoria web design offer more than just a website. Websites shoud be designed to do a job. If your website is not bringing in leads and sales, it as no value. You can choose a cheap web designer and have a site like 91% of those on the web that get no search engine traffic.

What does the Pretoria Web designer offer?

We offer a holistic web design service to our clients in Pretoria and beyond. Our goal is to make your business succesful by giving it the leads it needs to do great sales. Over the years we have honed our skills on the web and have successfully placed our clients on the front page of Google. Our approach to web design is different to most web designers. We don't want to sell you a website, we want to be part of your team.

Our part in the team as we see it is getting prospects for the sales team to go and close. We are the marketing arm for your business using the internet and will want to know what other advertising and marketing you are doing so that we can ensure congruence with your advertising and marketing strategy, congruence with the companies image from design and layout to the logo and the message being created.

You cannot have a winning strategy if there is no planning and no message. A successful strategy requires uniformity, You need to create layers that the clients associate with each other. You cannot have the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. Every well marketed brand uses a specific colour pallette, a specific set of fonts, and a single message.

At Pretoria web designers we go above and beyond to help create the message, the logo, the strategy and the goal is sales. Our yardstick can never be traffic to a website, because generating bad traffic is easy. I have in days under experimental conditions driven hundreds of people to new web sites, but the value of the traffic was zero, Traffic is only good if it converts.

Pretoria web design for start up companies

At Pretoria web design we offer more than just web design and development, We will register your company, create a marketing strategy, both online and offline, and work with you to achieve your goals. Check here for info on company registration.

We will design a logo, create and have business cards printed, get som e flyers or brochures done and create a website with all the optimisation needed to get great results from the search engines. We don't just design websites we develop them.

Pretoria web designer process

It is important that we understand your business, telling us that you do engineering is not going to do, It, We need to now what type of engineering, what equipment do you have and use. The great thing about us is that we understand technical stuff, we know what lathes and milling machines are, and can simplify complicated concepts.

I have worked on websites from entertainment and hospitality to automotive, technical, engineering and packaging. My skills include php programming, CSS and HTML, Not much is impossible with my skillset, What you need we will develop, create copy for and optimise for the best possible results, We will track results, analytics and the competition to see where, what and how we can improve. When you hire us, you get dedication and results.

Processes of web design in Pretoria

The first part of the planning process is understanding the business, the products and the client base, The next part is to assess the competition, their web presence and who we are competing against. Once we know who, what and where it's time to do some keyword research. It is important to know what people are looking for and how we can compete.

Next we start planning the look and feel of the website, we discuss your likes, dislikes, corporate identity, so that we can plan the website, what components are needed, how much input we can expect from you, and then we will create a mock up of the web site design. Once agreement has been reached on the User Interface we can start developing. The first component to develop is the database. We need a data storage solution allowing us to access and display the data we want to display.

There after we create the data source links and the code to fetch the data. Thereafter we create the code to display the data. Once the frame work is in place we start with the task of creating content. This could be from creating images, taking photographs or editing images you supply. Then we get back to the keyword research and create copy to go with the images.

Why we don't use Wordpress at Pretoria web design

Wordpress has two major flaws from our perspective, It is a big system and hackers will attack it for a number of reasons. In 2011 I had 9 websites hacked overnight, and there did not seem to be any rhyme or reason except that it could be done.

I decided then that I would create my own system where I would have full control of the security. Wordpress allows thousands of coders access to their code creating plug ins for various purposes and it is at that point that security issues occur. When a cracker hacks into one Wordpress site, they have access to millions of websites and finding other victims is as easy as doing a Google search for Wordpress sites.

I am not making the claim that my system is not hackable, but the rewards are not worth the effort. I also don't allow access to the database for anything other than the absolutely essential for populating web sites, We use prepared statements making SQL injection very difficult, so the websites would have to be hacked at machine level not at web site level.

The second reason is that Wordpress has a lot of unneccessary overhead. I have 7 websites running on less code than one Wordpress website, this means that the websites I build are faster, already pre optimised, not being in need of plugins to do the basic SEO tasks and some not so basic.

We can create websites giving you access and control of the data

Owner updatable websites are a buzzword. In my experience not many businesses do the website maintenance needed. Most companies start off gung ho and determined to update regularly but the fact that 70% of web sites get no maintenance confirms my theory that people get too busy. It is better to have someone dedicated to the job. Make that us.

Why we do responsive webdesign in Pretoria

More and more people use mobile devices, Statistically more than 50% of website visits use mobile devices. We ensure that every website we build can be viewed from any platform. If the visitor is on a Huwaei phone, we want to serve the website in the best format and resolution to match the phone, If he is using a laptop with a big screen, we want his experience to be just as good. Responsive web design is the sensible answer. There is no need to build a special website for mobile when you can with minimal code make one work for all platforms.

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