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5 things you can do with links to make them better for SEO


Getting back links to your web site is about the most important thing you can do to improve your domain authority. One of the things you can do to get better back linking is to write guest blogs and post them elsewhere on the web to get links back to your website. The same rules count for these articles you write as for the ones on your own web site.

Guest Blogs give great back links

There is a proviso, that the site isn't just a spammy site used for back linking purposes, If you supply quality content to quality blogs, there will be value. They must be nutritious and easy to digest. Only write articles with great information, great formatting and every piece unique. You want to use the power of someone elses web site to get results for your own web site. Like every article you write for your own web site keyword research is important. In the past I had up to 5 different articles on the Google front page pointing at my business.

The advantages are innumerate. If your company holds 5 places on the SERPS that only leaves 5 places for all your competition, If you have the top 5 you are getting in excess of 80% of the clicks, so writing good content is an unassailable choice. If each of those sites is linking back to yours, the power doubles.

For your search engine optimisation it would be great to know which of the pages you have written is giving you results. Chances are that you don't have access to the analytics of web sites that you don't own. So you won't have any figures about impressions, clicks and the oh so important stats that make your SEO work for you.

All you have is the traffic sources on your own analytics. If you have 10 articles published on a site that offers guest posts and all of them linking to your home page, all you will see in the stats is that you got a referral from a page on the site. In many cases you can add a few links in your content all using different link keywords, wouldn't it be nice to know which link caused the most click throughs?

Do you know which adverts are working for you?

You have adverts in the press, on flyers, on your business card, banner adverts on the web and some Google ads, You are getting lots of visitors but don't know which adverts are performing the best. Imagine you could create a unique link for each of those adverts so that you could track each advert separately.

The only downside of the utm system that I can find is that it doesn't work on Facebook, Facebook strips out everything behind your link and adds its own modifier. In essence there is now way to track the source of the inbound link using Facebook. Each time Facebook sends a link they change the modifier so each link from Facebook is treated as a new url by Google Analytics.

It is best to set Analytics to ignore Facebook's modifier as it has no value to you and has a negative impact on your analytics. I am still not convinced that Facebook is worth all the effort, and there is no way to see what is working in Facebook and what is not working unless you are an admin of a group. and even then I don't think you can see the important info we'd like to know.

What is UTM and how does it work.

Urchin Tracking Module was the brain child of Urchin Software Corporation, acquired by Google in 2005. This software company laid the groundwork for Google Analytics. It is simply a snippet of code with some parameters that can be added to any URL. The URL with the UTM code then allows analytics to give you more information. There are 5 parameters that can be used and therefore the reason for my headline.

UTM Parameters and what they do. utm_source

The first parameter we are going to discuss is the only required parameter of the urchin tracking module. The utm_source parameter allows you to specify the source of the link. you could use utm_source=banner for your banner adverts, or utm_source=businesscard for your business cards. On it's own ths would be useful.

If anyone entered the link you would immediately know that the link used was on your business card, but this can become a little cumbersome. many people may ignore the ?etc. and you would have no data, so enter a url shortening service. Go to

Enter the url and it will come back as something like which is a lot less cumbersome, and will never expire. It is also 10 less characters to type than just the original url without the UTM. So you could put that url on your business cards and change it for your flyers, your press advertising etc.

UTM Parameters and what they do. utm_medium

The utm_medium parameter allows you specify the link type, ie cpc, email, banner ad etc. Your URL will now look like this or In this case I am trying to see where more of my click throughs come from, on a website called seoxyz, is it the banner advert or the non intrusive link in the footer?
Can you see the power of this yet?

UTM Parameters and what they do. utm_campaign

If you are running a specific campaign across a number of sites, so far you have all the info about the site and the placement of the ad on specific pages. You may have more than one campaign. Lets say you have a spring campaign and a special offer on some boots. you could add utm_campaign=spring_sale or utm_campaign=kneehighboots. Now you can track not only which site, which format but the specific campaign or advert set. Your new URL will look like this.

UTM Parameters and what they do. utm_term

What keywords did you use in the adverts, was it sexy knee high boots? or maybe comfy black boots, If this information is iimportant to you, you would add utm_term to identify the search terms. Your link now looks like this:

UTM Parameters and what they do. utm_content

You could have an banner advert with a text link below it, You would use two anchors and the utm_content parameter to separate the two utm_content=logolink or utm_content=textlink, now your link would look like this:

Only the utm_source is required, you could use just that and any of the others or a combination of them, so a link like or would be equally valid depending on the information you want.

Internet Marketing Campaigns

At Pretoria web development we can plan your next internet marketing campaign, create any banner adverts, text adverts, content and your UTM links and analyse your results. Are you spending money where you shouldn't be, Can it be better employed elsewhere. Just send us an email from this page and we will be happy to answer any questions.

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