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Aircraft Maintenance International Free SEO report analysis


We did a free SEO report for Aircraft Maintenance International. I chose this website to report on because I have an interest in the industry and it seemed very slow to me.

Over the next few weeks I am going to look at a few websites of Pretoria businesses chosen at random for various reasons and will do a report on their SEO readiness and what faults I found with the various checks that I do.

Free SEO report Pretoria: Aircraft Maintenance International

Aircraft Maintenance International is a company based at Wonderboom airport specialing in Aircraft Maintenance. They also have a branch at the Nelspruit air field. They had a website built not too long ago by a company that I used to compete with in Nelpruit some years ago. My wife needed some changes made and there was some argument about what was possible.

When my wife identified the website as a Wordpress site, they were surprised that someone at AMI actually knew something about web site design and development. I was sitting here today thinking about a blog topic that would include the use of some important keywords for me and offer some education and tips for Pretoria business owners in need of Search Engine Optimisation.

This FREE SEO report is not as complete as the SEO Analysis we do for paying clients. It is a way for me to offer a free service to my community showing them just a few things that could be improved so that they will get Search Engine results. 91% of web site will get no search engine results at all and 1% of websites get the majority of search engine results, The bottom 95% of websites get less than 10 search engine referrals a month.

Free SEO report Pretoria: Wordpress web designers are wrong

Sadly for Aircraft Maintenance International they were talked into a Wordpress web site. Wordpress is a quick and dirty way for web designers to knock together web sites for people that know no better. They don't have to do any real design, they just need to replace images and add content, the hard stuff is done for them.

I know exactly which theme was used for the Wordpress website, because the web designer made no effort to hide their tracks except placing a webdesign by them link in the footer, in staed of something that was probably there before. The design was a Premium word press theme called BeJet by the Muffin Group. The major advantage this has is that at least it's not a free theme with links to bad neighbourhoods in the footer. You have all seen websites and blogs with links to some really dodgy stuff in the footer, right?

Free SEO report Pretoria: Mobile ready or not?

Using Google's mobile friendly test was the first step in my analysis of the Aircraft Maintenance International website. The results were not great, The website is mobile friendly but had 49 resources that couldn't be loaded by the test,
free seo report, Aircraft maintenance International
According to Google the website wouldn't render well on a mobile device. I tested it on my phone using the Chrome mobile browser and it looks like it should, The problem will occur with people using native phone browsers.

On further investigation the resources that couldn't be loaded included images, scripts and style sheets. The website is very heavy on Javascript which could lead to issues when people switch of the Javascript in their browsers.

Free SEO report Pretoria: Is the site secure

Site security is yet another aspect that Google looks at when deciding which sites it should display. I don't believe that this is important on sites that don't collect user data, but if they do this is essential. Spending the R 300 or so that it costs for SSL a year is worth it in my opinion. The AMI site does not use ssl as default, even though the facility exists. A simple fix to the htaccess file will make this issue a non problem.

Free SEO report Pretoria: Is the site SEO ready?

The Aircraft Maintenance International web site has the YOAST SEO plugin working. I will admit to not being full cognisant of what the Yoast SEO plug in offers, but am informed that this is one of the three top Wordpress SEO plugins. It is supposed to make SEO on Wordpress website easy to do. Despite the plug in, the title tags are vanilla and the met description is advertising the BeJet theme on more than one page. The good news is that the plugin supports canonical URLs or they probably wouldn't be used either.

This is just plain sloppy work from the web designer. This is how I knew what theme was being used. How important is this, Well, from the search results page checking what pages on the site have been indexed by Google, you will see what Google thinks the pages are about and a clue, they don't think it's about aircraft maintenence.

From this we can deduce that the site may be ready for SEO, but none has been done.

Free SEO report Pretoria: What else is wrong?

Content is King, and ths website has a severe lack of content. The average page on Googles SERPs has 1890 words. I don't think the Aircraft Maintenance International website has that many words on all 10 pages Google has indexed combined. No schema mark up is present and way too much focus on social media which will bring in way less results than even the weakest of the search engines if the website was properly optimised.

Free SEO report Pretoria: Let's look at Google.

Checking what Google has indexed shows that 2 of the 8 pages indexed are of no benefit, One is the demo blog installed by Wordpress as default. and when clicked on appears on the site. This doesn't just have no meaning, it actually dilutes the efficacy of the website. Another is the author page of the website which would list the latest blogs I suspect. Like the Hello World post, this has no value.
Google results, Aircraft maintenance International
Of the ten pages indexed 8 refer to BeJet | Best WordPress theme for plane corporations.

I did a few searches on Google from randomly selected keywords from the Aircraft Maintenance International website, and was only able to find the website when typing in Aircraft maintenance Nelspruit. When typing in Aircraft maintenance Pretoria I found their facebook page.

Free SEO report Pretoria: Let's look at Google my Business

Both branches have a listing on Google my business and both could be improved. AMI Pretoria does not appear on the search snack pack. In order to find their Google my business listing, you need to click more places. This can be improved with very little effort.

Free SEO report Pretoria: How competitive is the industry?

Competition in this industry is fairly limited, Using Aircraft maintenance Pretoria, Aircraft maintenance Gauteng and Aircraft maintenance South Africa as the main phrases, it would not be extraordinarily difficult to compete. It would be even easier for the more specific keywords like the plane models and airworthy requirements etc.

The major players online are Absolute Aviation, Lanseria airport, AMOSA, National Airways corporation, Freedom air and of all things an Aircraft mechanic School.

Free SEO report Pretoria: an of course speed

The average seeker of information on the web will wait 2 seconds and then move on. For every second a website take longer than 2 seconds to download, you will lose more visitors. It is estimated that at 4 seconds you have lost more than 50% of the clicks. The AMI website is first visible at 3.7 seconds in a speed test and fully loaded at 8.24 seconds from a test server in Washington DC. The speed rating given to the site is 67/100.
Google results, Aircraft maintenance International
One of the reasons for this is the overhead as the AMI website's front page is 4.6MB. My website has a load time of 3.01seconds from Washington DC and a page size of 812.3kb. Testing locally is not an option at present, I estimate that the speeds won't change much as a speed test from London gave results of 5.31s, 5.98s and 5.98s in three separate tests. The comparative tests for were 2.03s, 2.03s and 2.03s.

I also looked at the image overhead and found that all the images on the page could be optimised. The worst gain would be 17% and the best 97% on individual images. There are 14 images being called on the home page with an average improvement of better than 50% expected. This website's speed could be doubled.

Go here to request a FREE SEO analysis and report on your website.

If you liked this please share it, it really makes my day and I really appreciate it.

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