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Imagimedia is a digital agency offering custom web and multi media development, design, Internet marketing and optimisation.

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Our web development is search engine ready from the start


We believe in total integration right from the beginning. Planning cannot exclude any facet of web development. The main facets of web development are data storage, connecting to the data, making the data available to all platforms, creating content, optimisation for the reader and the search engines. All of these facets need to be considered when planning each of them.

Web development in Pretoria - Keep it simple

People are wont to over complicate things. The more complicated, the more overhead, the slower the site. Here at Pretoria web development we use only code that is essential to do the job and prevent errors. Our philosophy is that the less complications you have, the less can go wrong. It is after all a whole lot easier to fix a 1970's Ford Capri that a Ford Focus RST. Simplicity.

Does this mean we think that Capri is a better car, no, but it did it's job and some modernisation could make it better and safer, but the simplicity does make it cheaper to fix and maintain. If we had to make a new car as simple as that with modern technology it would be superior to the Capri, removing all the excess electronics would have less to go wrong.

Thinking about web development in this manner has allowed us to remove the electric mirrors, the seat heating systems and the unnecessary computer controls of things like indicators and park lights. We have however beefed up the suspension, tuned the motor and added those oh so necessary safety features.

Web Development in Pretoria - What is the purpose

The Capri had one purpose and that was to transport the driver and passengers from point a - point b as economically and safely as possible. A Ford Transit van had a different purpose and that was to transport the driver and goods from point a - b. These factors were taken into consideration from the early planning and design of both vehicles.

A website should also have a specific purpose. If the purpose is to supply information and manuals to your clients, the planning and design would be totally different to a web site that had lead generation as a purpose. Purpose driven web development allows us to meet your very specific requirements.

Pretoria Web Development, Tuning and modifying

In order to ensure optimum performance from the Capri, regular maintenance and servicing was required, Some wanted it to go faster, leave more rubber on the road, All of this required tuning and modification, As with the Capri, Website Development needs tweaking, tuning, maintenance and maybe even some modification to get optimum results.

If that Capri were used for racing every aspect of it would be studied, results checked and modifications to get that extra 5 seconds from a lap. Does a change to the suspension mean you could shave 2 seconds off the lap time by getting around the corners faster.

Web sites are much like that, the only difference is we are not competing for a few seconds a lap, we are competing for more visibility on Google, Bing, Yahoo and even DuckDuck Go, If we tweaked our images, our title tags, the content, could that improve our results just a little?

Here at Pretoria Web Development, we are the pit team, the engineers, the mechanics, the ones who check that the driver has the best possible tools to win the race.

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