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I Googled my old clients and you won't believe what happened


The website is out dated, the site was copied onto someone else's server in around 2011, other than that it looks untouched. In 2011 being mobile ready wasn't as important as it is today. A quick Google to determine how many tyre centers there are in Nelspruit, get's me 10 listed on Google my Business. I am not convinced it is all of them.
Pretoria SEO company, Imagimedia
A Google for tyres Nelspruit lists only 5 tyre companies based in Nelspruit on the organic listings. Back when I built the web site HIQ Countrywide was top of the listings, They have dropped to fourth place above the national HIQ website in 5th position. Admittedly Nelspruit is a small pool and easier to compete in than Pretoria.
Pretoria SEO company, Imagimedia
I decided to do a few more searches to see how well the SEO has held up and searched for specific tyre brands. HIQ's websites dominates for the ones I checked, that they stock according to the website. They also dominate for the two brands of shock absorbers they stock, second for Willard batteries only beaten by Willard themselves. They beat Bosal into third place searching for Bosal Nelspruit.

I last worked on the website in 2011 and it remains exactly as I left it. 2011 was a bad year for me, I got broker and broker and after suffering a breakdown I advised all my clients to find someone else to build their websites. The only website I built that still stands is HIQ Countrywide in Nelspruit's. When you consider that they have spent no money on the website barring hosting for almost ten years, they have received great value from the site.

I spent the last eight years building wooden furniture and kitchens. The majority of my sales came from my own web site which I built and optimised. In 9 years my advertising bill was for printing 7500 flyers and my web hosting.
HI Q Nelspruit SEO by Imagimedia
I dumped many of those flyers because the info got outdated, The first lot had my home address on when I moved into the factory in Nelspruit, The second lot had the Nelpruit factory address on when I moved to Pretoria in 2016. I dumped a lot of those, I have a couple left over for reference purposes.

I built the website myself and did the marketing for it online. Anyone searching for the services I offered always found me on page one in the top position on the organic listings. Like HIQ's my websites dominated the Search Engine results. I have been in Pretoria going on three years and I still get the odd call from Nelspruit. My marketing was just that good and deleting data doesn't always remove it.
Pretoria SEO company, Imagimedia
As I worked on my own, I turned away many more clients than I actually worked for. My skill-set is current as far as optimisation goes, It pays to keep current when you are dominating the search engine results pages. In 2017 I had a hernia op which went septic, It took months to heal, almost 4 to be precise.

I got back to work and in October 2018 my hernia recurred right next to the scar tissue from the previous botch up, I had surgery earlier this year and am now healed, but my wife made an ultimatum, The tools or her! I sold the tools.
Pretoria SEO company, Imagimedia
My skills other than cabinet making and stuff needing heavy manual labour, are limited to the web, marketing and sales. Those skills have kept me alive for close to 30 years now. Those are the skills I am now going to use to do for you what I did for HIQ. Now just as a matter of interest I am working on a few of my own projects and already am getting results from my internet marketing efforts for Imagimedia. Web design and development is a hugely competitive market as you would imagine but slowly but surely my website is moving up the ranking.

The first major project I am working on for a client, already has a front page result for best charity in Pretoria. and we are not yet finished building all the components, We also have only three pages of content visible on the website at present. (01-07-2019), Watch this space, more content is on it's way and the donate now link will be working pretty soon.
Pretoria SEO company, Imagimedia
Contact me if you want your website to get leads and sales, I have a number for you. 91$ of websites get no search engine referrals ever. The ones that do get more sales.
Pretoria Web Design, Imagimedia
Pretoria Web Design, Imagimedia

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