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SEO analysis report for North Precision Works Pretoria


This review was not by request, I searched for Pretoria engineering company and scrolled to page 3 to select a company to review.

These free reports are limited in scope, I try not to spend more than half an hour on each of them, We look at the basics and a little technical search engine optimisation. The objective of these reports is to see where and if your web presence needs help.

SEO analysis report for North Precision Works Pretoria North

A quick look at the website for North Precision Works Pretoria North tells us the following. The web site has 5 pages indexed by Google, 4 indexed by Bing and 4 indexed by DuckDuckGo.

A look at the results from the search engines allows us a peak at the title tag usage and metadescription usage. On the North Precision Works website this is not optimal, all 5 pages on Google use almost identical titles and descriptions.

SEO analysis robots.txt

The robots.txt file is the first stop the search engine spiders make when visiting a site. They are looking to see where they can go on a website, your site may have areas you don't want to have crawled and indexed, this is the place to put those, You also need to tell the bots where your sitemap is.

The site has no robots.txt file.

SEO analysis North Precision Works Pretoria North

A sitemap is important to the bots and spiders that crawl your website to index it. It allows you to tell them exactly what is n the website and they don't need to find the pages by using links from other pages. I have seen web sites where whole sections were not crawled because the navigation, though being easy to understand and use by humans, did not have the same effect on Google bot.

The site does not have a sitemap.

Google Analytics on the North Precision Works website

Google analytics allows you to understand where your visitors come from, whether you are getting any at all. Knowledge is power and the only way to improve your web sites footprint is to know what is working and what is not. Along with analytics there is the search console to help you make decisions about the efficacy of your website.

The site does not use Google Analytics.

Does the site make optimum use of URLs?

In a study of over 2 million keywords it was found that a shorter URL will rank better than long ones. The optimal length of a URL is approximately 12 characters. Descriptive URLs rank better than non descriptive ones, civil-engineering-pretoria.html is better than services.html. A descriptive URL has the added benefit of using your keywords.

This site makes no use of descriptive urls.

Search engine optimised title tags and meta descriptions on the North Precision Works web site

Title tags and meta descriptions are used on the Search Engine Results Pages, to tell the searcher what the web page is about. They should be unique to each page on a web site, Having great titles and descriptions makes your SERPs results more clickable.

The title and meta descriptions on the North Precision Works website are not optimal and can be improved.

Search engine optimisation of content for North Precision Works

The average page in the first ten positions on Google has 1890 words, Great content make it easier to get great rankings. This is the single most important factor as far as we are concerned. If you have good content, that's a battle won already.

Usage of headers, alt tags and easy to read paragraphs is very important in crafting great content.

From our brief analysis of the North Precision Works web site, our opinion is that the content is way below par. There are pages with no content at all.

North Precision Works and website navigation

The navigation needs to be easy to understand for humans, too many web sites have difficult navigation and navigation that cannot be crawled effectively.

navigation on this website is simple and effective, it can be crawled.

Schema tagging or Semantic web

Schema tagging are machine readable tags that allow instructions to the search engines, making it simpler to index. It can also be very important in local SEO. Schema tags include map co-ordinates, opening hours, the business address and more. These tags can make the job of the search engines indexing your web pages simpler and will improve your rankings.

This website has no Schema mark up.

Technical SEO North Precision Works Pretoria North

Unlike basic SEO technical optimisation has more to with technical aspects of web development. We are unable to check every aspect of the technical side off a web site, the few things we do emphasise her are very important.

Is the North Precision Works website mobile ready

Google has a policy of mobile first because more than 50% of all searches are done on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. If your website is not mobile ready your website is at an immediate disadvantage. Many websites will work on mobile browsers like Chrome but fail on the native browsers on phones.
mobile friendly website failure
We checked the mobile readiness of the North Precision Works website and found that the web design failed.

Does the site specify canonical URLs

On many websites the content is accessible from multiple URLs, this is especially true of Content Management Systems like Wordpress and Joomla. A website that specifies which address to use for every page will do better in the rankings.

The North Precision Works website does not use canonical instruction.

Fast web sites get better results

The average wait time that is acceptable for a internet user is around 2 seconds, before they will start hitting the back key, By the 4 second mark 50% of all internet users have left the site. Speed testing is done from international websites so there will be a nett gain in speed for local searchers if your website is hosted locally on a fast server.

There are three main aspects of speeding up a website, the hosting, the overhead and images. The speed test completes loading in 3.7s. The size of the site is 373KB. Considering that there is so little content on the site, I am not surprised that it performs reasonably well in the speed test, although the pafges speed score is only 86%.

Looking at the site, The overhead is very low, it only required 13 calls to components. These components include images, scripts, and code.

The images on this website are badly optimised and in the best case can be improved by 1% and in the worst case by 47%

Is the North Precision Works website using SSL?

SSL or secure sites are starting to get better results than non secure ones. This site is available as secure but is not making use of the service. redirecting to the SSL site would be a simple fix.

Local SEO and the North Precision Works website

A brief look at the local SEO is checking a few keywords randomly selected from the site and checking results based on a local search. I check to see if the web site ranks on the first two pages for any local searches. I also check the map results to see where *** appears.

I searched for "engineering Pretoria North", "tool maintenance Pretoria north ", "tool manufacture Pretoria north" and the website appeared on page 2 only for tool manufacture Pretoria North.

The company does not appear for these terms on the map snack pack. I even checked the more places section and was unable to find North Precision works

Recommendations by Pretoria SEO company, Pretoria web design

We recommend taking the following steps.
1. A total redevelopment of the website to solve all the major deficits in the Search Engine Optimisation.
2. Keyword research and analysis of the core functions of North Precision Works.
3. Content creation to ensure best results.
4. Optimising the local opportunities like Google Map entries and the like.

I would estimate the local optimisation as easy to medium difficulty, Not knowing exactly what is done by North Precision Works, I am unable to opine on the optimisation of specific products or services. We would happily do a more in depth report and study for this company.

Should you want us to do a report on your website, click here, it's free.

local Pretoria North business web site review

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