5 days to Search Engine Results Page Mastery


Search engine results mastery in Pretoria, South Africa

We will over the next few days post 5 blogs to show you how to master the Search Engine Results Page on Google

The 5 day plan to master the Search Engine Results Pages

The next 5 blogs are all about mastering the SERPs. The Pretoria web design company, Imagimedia, knows that the web can be either very expensive and a cost to your business, or with a few tweaks to your web site, you can dominate the search engine results page and grow your business.

I am laying out a 5 day plan on this web site to allow you to dominate your industry in your town. This 5 day plan will show you how to do things that the search engines like in order to get better Google, Bing and Yahoo results.

Search Engine Results Basics

Most web sites disappear into the ether and get visited by the web designer, the owner and a few of the owners closest friends. Facts are that without getting your website well indexed and having great content, you will have spent money on an albatross.

Over the years and in a number of businesses I have reached the point where I was getting too many leads to be able to serve all the customers, I think you will agree, that is a great position to be in. My last business is still getting phone calls and emails. I am turning down work that I no longer do because of a health issue.

I could have improved the search engine results I was getting for my Pretoria based business even more, but the fact was that if I got another 10 phone calls a week, I would be disappointing even more prospective clients. All these results came about because of the basics that I followed. I didn't spend months trying to build back links to my site. In the other 5 pages of this series I will supply all the info you need to do what I did with your web site.

Content is King for your Pretoria business

The best advice anyone can give you for your goal to master the search engine results pages in Pretoria or anywhere else efforts is, "offer great content". On day one of this process I am going to show you how to create great content with great keywords. If you master just this task you will already be better off than most of your competition.

This morning I receive two phone calls about furniture repairs from my web site that I have done nothing spectacular on but write articles using the keywords that you would expect people to search for. How do I know if people are searching for specific keywords? Well, you will have to read the Day one of search engine results page for that info.

On day 1 we will discuss keyword research, writing great copy and making sure that your page is not marked search spam. Why Search Engine Optimisers say things like Content is King.

Do the search engines even know my Pretoria business exists?

Once you have found great keywords, written great content and put it up, you need to know if the search engines know your website exists. On Day 2 we will talk about sitemaps, and getting your website indexed by the search engines. We also talk about analytics.

This is how you can determine which pages are getting found, which pages need improvement and how you can track your website results. We show you how to tell if your social media efforts are bearing fruit and more.

We discuss the most popular search engines and which ones to focus on.

Getting back links can be difficult or not.

On Day 3 we will talk about how to go about building quality back links and the dangers of building links badly. I have one word for this drudge, I wish it were not as important as it is, but there you go.

Good back links can drive traffic but most off all they can give your site credibility. The search engines love credibility. If your website is designated an authority on a subject by the search engines you are getting better search engine results.

Off page optimisation and the search engine results?

On Day 4 we talk about off page optimisation and how to make it work for your search engine results. The semantic web, or ontology has benefits. I just know that Google has more than 101 things they look at on a web site to index it, All I want to do is make it easier for them to correctly categorise my content, and serve it up to people that want to give me money.

Using great title tags and meta descriptions also add value.

Off page optimisation has some things that add more value than others and the semantic web is one of those things that don't seem to do much but give you lots of added tags to help Google figure out who you are, where you are and what you offer. I'd think that this would be one of the few things that would add more weight rather than less.

Can social media help?

On day 5 we talk about social media, My experiences differ from others but still, we will talk about getting engagement, building a following and what works and what does not.

If you liked this please share it, it really makes my day and I really appreciate it.

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