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The 4 P's of web design will kill your Pretoria web results.


Back in the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth marketing was a lot simpler. I was an Estate Agent for a while back there in the late eighties to the early early nineties. We only had an analogue methods of advertising, most of them were quite pricey, so as a result most Estate Agents used the 4P method.

The 4P method is fairly simple.
  1. Put up a sign
  2. Pour a drink
  3. Put up your feet
  4. Pray for results

This method is now being used by web designers as a matter of course with a few minor changes. Instead of putting up a sign, they are putting up a web site and praying for traffic. Marketing has changed from scatter gun marketing to very well targeted niche marketing.

Google trumps the 4P method of marketing in Pretoria

90% of businesses compete locally, that is to say that very few businesses do business further than 30km's from home. On the web localising is the road to success. Web sites for local businesses need to be seen by locals because if your business is based in Montana and the searcher is in Midrand, he is likely to look for somewhere closer to home.

46% of Google searches are localised, almost half of all searchers will look locally for a service or product. f you are looking for an internet marketing service near you, chances are that you already know that you need the service. Would you search for a local plumber if you didn't need them NOW?

My business, Internet Marketing services in Pretoria is very web based so I can service clients anywhere in the world, yet I still optimise for local searches, because Google will show more local businesses than others in the search results. Your content needs to be good, to be considered the most relevant in the search engine results.

Today we know that the competition levels have grown exponentially, A website that may have had a chance 10 years ago because it was one of few no longer has the ability to stand out from the crowd. Poor content does not work as well as it did only a few years ago. Without doing some serious internet search engine marketing, your web site will be lost in the ether.

70 % of all searchers will click the number one position on the search engine results. Less than 15% of searchers will go to page two of the results.

It is vitally important for your business to be on Page one of Google or else you are missing out on more than 85% of the possible traffic the Search Engines could be bringing to your website. Can you afford the loss of feet past your shop window by being just one block from the epicentre?

Great content puts you at the epicentre.

How is your content formatted? Can minor changes get better results?

How many h1 tags do you have on a page? If it's more than 1 you are doing it wrong, Are you using alternative keyword combinations in your headers, h2 and h3 tags exist for a reason.
local search optimisation Pretoria
Make your title tag clickable, make it interesting, relevant and answer a question.

Use your meta description to tell people what the page is about to jump start your SEO

The meta description is important because the text below the title on the Search engine results is going to be that. Like the title tag make it relevant, make it interesting and make it clickable.

Include your location, the keywords you are focusing on and make it relevant to the topic of your web page. Internet marketing is about getting clicks. If people are looking for something and your title and meta description look like a solution, you get the clicks.

WARNING If you get the clicks and people don't find what they are looking for in the content, they are going to bounce, and the bounce rate tells the search engines if your content is relevant. Don't use click bait, use valid relevant titles and descriptions that are all about the offering. Google is on the look out for SPAM and nothing says spam as fast as a high bounce rate.

Using NAP for better search engine results

Make sure that if your company name, address and phone number appear anywhere, they are the same and if possible include schema mark up. Create congruence with your NAP.
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This is probably the most powerful part of local search engine optimisation available to you. Done right and linked to your website, if you are here you will get more traffic than you believe, all local, and more than 50% of people that use local searches will contact you.

A little known secret is that if you are getting those great results on Google, people automatically give you their trust. Getting the sale is a lot easier.

Get your customers to give you a review on Google my business

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