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What is page quality and why should I care? Pretoria SEO


Google says "The purpose of a page is the reason or reasons why the page was created. Every page on the Internet is created for a purpose, or for multiple purposes. Most pages are created to be helpful for users, thus having a beneficial purpose."

Every website needs a purpose according to the document. I have been telling my clients for years that web sites that have no goal or purpose have no value to the business. Competition is easy if your page is designed to help users. If Google sees your page as beneficial your page quality score will be good. The question to be asked is, Does Google think a certain type of page has more value than another?

This site's purpose is to get you to spend your money on my services, Does this mean that it will automatically have a lower PQ rank than an encyclopedia or news website for example? Well according to the google document: "As long as the page is created to help users, we will not consider any particular page purpose or type to be higher quality than another. For example, encyclopedia pages are not necessarily higher quality than humor pages."

If your website is there to help users, the Page Quality rating will not be a problem

The defining factor seems to be as long as your website is there to help users, the page quality will be ranked well. To understand this we need to look at the factors that will reduce the Page Quality rating. Pages that are designed merely to make money, without any effort to help users and pages that are designed to harm users will suffer. Does your web site offer value to the user, will it help the user or will it have no value or even harm the user?

The document advises trainee PQ rating trainees that they need to understand the purpose of the page and the website. The PQ rating is to determine how well the website achieves it's purpose. Websites and pages should be created to help users. "Websites and pages that are created with intent to harm users, deceive users, or make money with no attempt to help users, should receive the Lowest PQ rating"

There will be high quality and low quality pages for all different types and purposes

Every web page and web site will sink or swim on it's merits. It does not matter whether it is a blog, a news website or a discussion forum. The topic and how well the site deals with it will determine the PQ rating. Page purposes that are commonly seen to be helpful are not limited to these types but would think if Google specified them I'd want to figure out where my site fit's in.
  1. To share information about a topic.
  2. To share personal or social information.
  3. To share pictures, videos, or other forms of media.
  4. To express an opinion or point of view.
  5. To entertain.
  6. To sell products or services.
  7. To allow users to post questions for other users to answer.
  8. To allow users to share files or to download software.

How can you help a PQ rater define the purpose of your page?

Have a great title and meta description on the page, This is used for a number of purposes, most commonly seen on the Google results page. If your title and meta description help define the purpose of the page the PQ rater can see just how well the content does of meeting the expectations created by the Search Engine result.

If your title and meta description create an expectation that is not met by the content, chances are that the very human PQ rating inspectors will not give you a great rating. A great title and meta description is an elevator pitch designed to tell people what they can expect on the page, convince them to click on the link and make informed decisions about what to read. Google is all about the user experience and answering the users questions. Does your title and meta description match the content and does it help the user answer their questions?

Some topics have higher standard requirements because Google classifies them as Your Money or your Life topics. These are the topics where bad advice can destroy lives like finances, health happiness or safety and security.

The different types of Content the PQ inspectors will be judging

Main Content

There are three types of content as per the training docs, Main Content, Supplementary content and Monetization. The training teaches the PQi's to distinguish between them.

Main Content is any part of the page designed to help the page achieve it's purpose. This info is generally directly controlled by the webmasters. Main content can be video, images, page feature like calculators or our Free basic SEO testing tool, games or even user generated content. Even user generated reviews can be considered part of the main content.

The page titles and headlines are also considered main content.

Supplementary Content

Supplementary content is content that adds value to the user experience like the navigation leading to other pages with more related information. On this page the top navigation, the side navigation and the contact information don't help achieve the purpose of the web site, but they are useful to the user allowing them to find more information, make contact with me or find other benefits of the website.


This web site has no adverts, Our goal is to sell services not earn money from adverts. I could add adverts without affecting the PQ rating, but it will detract from the purpose of the website. Google states: "Ads may contribute to a good user experience. Advertisements/Monetization (Ads) is content and/or links that are displayed for the purpose of monetizing (making money from) the page. The presence or absence of Ads is not by itself a reason for a High or Low quality rating. Without advertising and monetization, some webpages could not exist because it costs money to maintain a website and create high quality content."

A rule of thumb I expect would be that if the site looks spammy with too many adverts destroying the user experience, your PQ rating will suffer. If the content is hard to read because of all the added crap, it is not a good user experience and those sites never rank well for long.

Good content has never been more important

I have ranked well for my business website historically without doing much more than creating good content. My link building strategy has always been build valuable content and let people link if they want to. I will contribute to blogs, add comments and do some social media stuff, but my social media presence is limited because I find the effort far exceeds the returns. I have always done far better by creating useful content that users like and focusing on getting Google results.

Getting the right keywords is useful, but this article is not aimed and any specific keywords other than page quality which I am not sure many people will even search for. The content is to help you make good decisions about your web presence and add to my trust quotient from the search engines getting better results for the website as a whole.

Here comes the sales pitch. If you need a website that will get you results, I offer the following services.
  • Web design and bespoke web development. (This website was created using my own Content management system, not word press. Every component hand coded)
  • Search engine optimisation. This website was only started 3 months ago and already I am achieving better results than some websites that have been out there for years. I have helped many clients get great results over the years
  • Copy and content creation (I will research your industry and advise you on the content needed to help get results)

Use the contact details to get a free audit of your web site.

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