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Back when 14.4k modems were high tech and Windows 95 needed reinstalling every week, Guy built his first website on You can play with it on the way back machine click here It turns out we were building responsive websites before they were a thing. But rather than CSS back then it was all tables.

Web designer Sinoville: History of web design

Back when I designed my first website in 1996 I was nowhere near Sinoville. Soltek ISP was my first effort at starting a business in the web development arena. I built web pages for a few small businesses, and a full website for REmax, the estate agents.

That website had less than 783 visitors in the first year or so. It took about 30 seconds to download on the 14.4k modem. We were too early to adopt the web as a source of advertising, very few people were online back then.

The entire website was built using tables, images were so small as to be practically unviewable. CSS was not to be for many years. In 2002 when I was working for Virgin net in London, Tables were still used to structure websites. The only difference was that we were using early CMS technology. As I recall PHP was newly minted and database driven web sites were still new technology.

Web designer Sinoville: Early search engines

In 1990 the first search engine was born, even though the web did not yet exist. Archie was the brain child of Alan Emtage,a student from McGill University in Montreal. Archie was able to index web file names, which would match the users queries. In essence Archie could search the archives at the University.
Sinoville Web Design
By 1991 there had been Veronica and Jughead, but Mark McCahill developed gopher in Minesota. The only way of transfering data was by FTP, so the indexes would be searched and FTP would be used to access data at specific places when needed. Sinoville web designer's Pretoria web development still use ftp to upload files to our web servers.

In the days before Google, there were many search engines and indexes. Some of those indexes have survived but most have not. Inktomi was the powerhouse, the first search engine. At one point it was worth billions and had 200 employees. You will note that Inktomi was the main search engine used on the Soltek website. Google wasn't even mentioned back then. in other articles we will discuss the indexes and their value to you.

Sinoville web design: Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation is the act of optimising your website for the spiders that index the web and the search engines. Back in the day SEO was simply building back links with keyword optimised link descriptors, and doing a little keyword stuffing, the objective was to make the spiders and search engines believe that your web page was the most relevant for search terms that people used.

Nothing has changed, The objective is still to make the search engines think that your web page is most relevant for a specific search term. The only thing is that the search engines have become a lot more intelligent and can see right through tactics like keyword stuffing and can differentiate between good links and bad links.
Sinoville Web Design Sinoville Web Design
If you have a lot of links from pages with nothing in common with yours, they have less value than a few back links from pages in the same field as yours. Some back links can even be negatively charged. Google also can often differentiate between paid links and
unpaid links. You get better authority from unpaid links.

Getting back links from sites with more authority creates more authority for your web site.

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