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Costs of web design in Pretoria North, East and Centurion


Everybody wants to save a buck or just be sure they are getting bang for the buck. Here at Imagimedia we understand how important budgets are. We also know how important results are. Budgets only expand as a result of successes' We know the better your business does, with our help, the better ours does.

Web design costs and prices: cheap website design

Web design costs and prices vary from web design company to web design company. I have seen web sites advertised at R 299.00. I have considered how this could be done many times, I also considered the implications of being the web designer offering such cheap web sites. It is my opinion that to successfully create and maintain websites, a business needs to be profitable.

In order to be profitable selling websites at R 299.00 the absolute minimum must be done, you would need to do a new website every hour and do 8 a day. unless you are making up charges else where. At the very minimum a domain costs around R 130.00 to register. As a registered domain seller I can save a few rand on that, but not enough to make R 299.00 profitable.

I did some math, I took into account overheads, salaries, vehicles, transportation, internet access, web servers, rent, equipment replacement and repairs, telephones etc. I came to the conclusion that any business, even with my low overheads needs to earn around R 320.00 an hour and that excludes profit.

As a full stack coder I could probably earn more, just contracting for some of the bigger companies out there. My skill makes me more valuable but I like working from home, I like building new websites and most off I like when I achieve the results that people are skeptical about.

Web design costs and prices: Saving money on web design

Creating a website in an hour is possible, choose a template from the web, download it and install Wordpress and the free theme, Copy and paste content and images. I could do it with my own CMS as well but then you lose the important stuff, the stuff that makes a website work and the stuff the search engines need to index your website properly.

Getting a website is about advertising and marketing your business, 91% of websites will never make the front page of Google for any reason and this recipe above all but guarantees that the cheap website will be in that 91%.

We created our own Content Management System allowing us to create a 6 page website in 4 hours, if all the information is supplied on time. Unlike the above recipe we do the important stuff, With my CMS we don't have to download extra widgets and plug ins for SEO, The semantic web and sitemaps. Our SEO is built in, but having the code SEO friendly has no value if the information isn't added.

Web design costs and prices: Start Small

Our Start small web design package is not a 3 page website, it is not a 5 page website with limited graphics and information. Now I start by telling you what I do to earn my worth. We know that Google like bigger website more than smaller ones so we go to six pages from the get go. This website works on my system and is the next step up.

Start Small gives you a choice of five different templates.The templates are there to define the look and feel of the site and the navigation. We modify the chosen template to your brand or corporate images colours. If your branding is orange and blue or Purple an yellow, we will modify the template to suit. We will also using imagery you supplied create the masthead images. We don't just download something off the web that vaguely will do.

The website includes robots.txt and a xml sitemap. These are all important components of your seo strategy. Included are all the neccessary fields for titles and meta tags and Schema mark up. We place the Google map on your site and the get directions link. All of these have SEO benefits.

You will need to send us all the information for your site, you know your business better than I do, and it saves the time needed to reduce the pricing of the product. You will also need to send us all the images you need and want. You will also be sent a questionaire that will allow us to get all the details needed for schema.

We will then optimise, resize and rename your images with keyword rich names to suit the content that they will be illustrating.. Next we will edit and reformat the text you have sent for optimal readability and grammar. We will write title tags and meta descriptions for each page based on the content we have just edited.

Web design package price: Start Small

To see the pricing of the budget web design packages click here

We do not host our software on third party servers, I have done so in the past and my CMS was used by someone else as their own. This was many years ago and my CMS has been updated over the years for security and code improvement reasons.

Web design costs and prices: e-commerce mini

The e-commerce mini website is an owner updatable product. The home page offers special offers and featured products or randomly chosen products. There are up to 12 categories with 20 products in each. Each product has it's own page so that product level SEO can be done. Each product is linked to 3 suggested items for upselling purposes.

Each e-commerce mini webs site has it's own database with an admin section that allows revising category names, adding, updating and removing stock items. Special offers can be listed and given final dates of offer. On the user end is access to a shopping cart, with ability to add and remove items before proceeding to checkout. They can also search the site for specific products.

We will link to a payment gateway of your choice, We can recommend payfast for South African businesses.

We supply six hours free training with e-commerce packages, training includes sections on basic SEO principals, including keyword research and writing good copy, titles and meta descriptions and use of Google Analytics and the search console. Up to three people can attend, we will do this on your premises.

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