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Why Search Engine Optimisers say things like Content is King


The search engines refer people to sites that they believe have good content. The algorithms look at more than 101 factors to decide if your web site is worthy of being on page 1 of the Google results. The good news is that a small business in Pretoria doing Search Engine Optimisation is not competing with the top 1%.

In some cases just being in the top 7% should give you more business than you can cope with. The way I see it, I want to be number one in my niche in my town for Pretoria Search Engine Optimisation. If I can get 70% of the traffic just in my niche and my town, I will be turning clients away, and selecting the work I actually want to do.

Does this mean you should just give up and not bother? Not at all, even some of the 9% of websites getting traffic are doing so by default, because Google just cannot find anything better? How many times have you searched for something and been totally underwhelmed by the results?

Understanding how Google works is important for Pretoria search engine optimization

Imagine a library with millions of books, Google is a librarian that has read all the books and classified them by value. You ask about yellow dinosaurs, she says "here are 50 million books that mention yellow dinosaurs but, these 10 are the ones that I think are most relevant"

You look at the info offered and realise you can be more specific and decide you want yellow dinosaurs, with yellow tails and red eyes. Suddenly she offers totally different books. This is called a long tail search phrase. Being more specific with your search terms gets you results closer to what you want, This also allows you to compete with bigger businesses even in your area.

There are industries that are over traded and competing in them can be impossible unless you pick a niche within the industry to compete in. Some industries like travel, health and beauty, weight loss have so many websites competing for Google results that a new entry to the market is going to battle.

My industry, being SEO and web design have many savvy competitors so my own long tail search terms are pretty few and far between. As an example, if I search for Pretoria search engine optimisation there are 236000 results and page one of the results is covered by companies that do exactly what I do.

Look at your competitions pages and see what you can improve

I am not going to suggest you look at all 10, In reality, you are competing for the number one position, tenth is not going to do it. In my case with this new website, it seems to be a very large mountain to climb. Having looked around at a few of the top ranking websites I can now decide to do something different.

The top two ranked websites for this search term are reliant not on their content but on other factors. If I can create better content than them for the search term Pretoria search engine optimisation, I may have a shot. Instead of doing the same old thing I decided on this website, which will show you how to improve your ranking in only 5 days. This won't be enough for everyone to compete in their markets, and the rankings will change over time as you do more of the stuff you will learn over the 5 days to search engine optimisation mastery.

Finding keywords that can be used for SEO in Pretoria

Fact, No keyword research software has perfect results. They all make guesses about the amount of traffic specific keywords generate. Some very smart SEO people have looked at the estimated results and actual results and have found huge discrepancies in the estimated vs actual totals over a range of packages.

I know that Google makes suggestions based on actual searches made by actual people looking for your services. I also know that there is no way of knowing exactly how many people search for a specific term. With some testing by some very smart SEO people, we know that to change the suggestions quite a few searches need to be done.

I start simply. I type in a keyword that I think is important. In my case, I type in Pretoria search engine optimisation, hit the search key, scroll down to the end of the results page and see what other searches related to my search there are. I will look at those and see if I can create content using the suggested terms.

Picking a keyword phrase for search engine optimisation

Google offered up a few terms, "SEO packages south africa" and "SEO Joburg" are both terms that interest me, but I feel they are not as good as "SEO company Pretoria" for my purposes. I like to compete as close as I can to my office, so will try and optimise for my local area. If you live in Emalahleni, Wolmaransstad or Nelspruit, you will have less competition than someone in Johannesburg, Pretoria or Cape Town.

I then look at the search terms for suburbs near me. I know fewer people will search for "SEO Montana", "Annlin" or "Pretoria North", than will search for SEO companies Pretoria, but I have a system. I'd rather get thirty visitors a year to a page that are looking for very specific search keyword phrases than none searching for uncompetitive phrases.

The way I see it creating content that allows me to compete for " Sinoville" or SEO Doornpoort" does not mean I need a specific article about the suburb because most people will not bother to try and compete for "Akasia". If only one person does that search in the next year and contacts me to do their project it's worth my while mentioning the phrases in this article and others.

The important part of this strategy is that if Google ranks your website for the lesser keywords, it's a matter of time before you get recognition for the effort you made to create great content. Does this make sense thus far?

Let me break it down, Find keywords that people are searching for, look at them and see if you can localise them and create content including the main keyword phrase and adding your city or town. So "SEO company, Doornpoort Pretoria" still contains the keywords "SEO Company Pretoria" but you have localised to a specific suburb making it easy to compete.

How many words should I write about SEO in Pretoria?

Opinions differ about this, but here are some things I have noticed about good copy. It cannot be limited to 255 characters, That is just a little bit longer than a good description. The consensus is that 300 words seem to be the minimum for any page. From mine and others experimentation I don't think 300 words is enough. I get my best results from long articles with lots of information, as do other bloggers and writers.

Writing one thousand words seems to be a daunting task until it is not. At this point, this article is already more than 1240 words. Here are a few simple rules. Make the sentences shorter rather than longer, don't be verbose, using three syllables when two will do. Make your paragraphs short.

I will break up one idea into easy to digest blocks of information. I will start with a brief description of what the article is about. You already knew within the first paragraph and a quick scan of this article whether you were going to read it. Make it scannable, use regular descriptive headings and fill up the content below those headings with the information people need to know about your service.

Use your keywords in the first paragraph, use them in the headings, and make them bold when you use them. Have another look at this article and check out the format I have used.

Paragraph containing the keyword.
Paragraph containing the keyword

Do not overuse your keyword phrase. If Google thinks you are keyword stuffing it will punish you. You will notice that I have not mentioned my keywords in the last few paragraphs. This is for two reasons, the first it would be difficult to keep using the phrases without making the reader feel spammed because the writing is uncomfortable and second because I wanted to reduce the ratio of the keyword to text. or keyword density.

Any article with a keyword density much higher than 2% will be considered search spam, so pay attention to that. In this article the word search is the most used word appearing 28 times in a page with 1536 words on the page. It is getting pretty close to 2% but I am not unhappy with that, my main phrases search engine optimisation and Pretoria are way under the limit of 2%, so I can be relaxed and not worry about this page being logged as search spam.

If you have any questions about this content, feel free to ask, If you can see a way of improving it, send me your suggestions. I'll see you on Day 2.

If you liked this please share it, it really makes my day and I really appreciate it.

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