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I am based in Doornpoort, near Annlin but will travel anywhere in the Pretoria, including Centurion, Pretoria East, Central, Western and Northern Pretoria. We offer a range of services to businesses in Annlin, Pretoria. These vary from web design and development, through graphic design and search engine optimisation.

Graphic Designer near Annlin Pretoria

Should you need a new corporate identity, for your Annlin based business, from logo design to advert layouts, congruence is the word. Many companies make the mistake of not having a defined corporate look or brand. Adverts that don't match websites, websites that don't match brochures and business cards.

Some redesign business cards every time they need new ones because they use a different printer. I can help. Graphic design information. We won't make this mistake, we will help you create a brand that works for you, from the logo to the business cards and beyond.

Annlin web designer for web sites that work

Unlike most other graphic designers turned web designers, I started designing websites in 1996 using old style technologies, As opposed to WYSIWIG technologies such as Wix, Dragdroppr et al, I learned to code using Notepad and HTML.

I know and understand exactly how the different technologies mesh together. I have worked with Perl, ASP PHP, Javascript and other scripting technologies. I understand the need for image compression, cross browser compatibility and coding for SERPS.

Small businesses needing presence on the www with limited budgets can do with being part of a network. Search engine optimised layout and keywords inclusive. Just because your Annlin company is small does not mean you should not have a website that works for you. Websites can be a cost or an investment.

Let's make your website an investment, by optimising it for speed, ease of use, and the search engines.

Annlin web designer for web sites that cost less

I have developed standard "Owner updatable" packages. Before I will offer this option however, I will need to be assured that you have the time and infrastructure to manage your own website. In the past I have found that many small businesses will opt for this because of budgetary constraints. They will however not do the job because of time constraints. It would be better to have a simplified site that is non updatable than an updatable website that is not updated.

I can also offer from the most basic interactive packages using MySQL and PHP to all singing and all dancing web applications. Property sales, Used Cars, Boats, Plant Hire, Party Hire, in fact no matter what business I can create a solution.

Web design cost can vary from a few hundred rand to hundreds of thousands of rands. The most expensive website I have heard of in South Africa was designed for Ethekwini Municipality at R 5 million. Web design cost should never be the deciding factor in appointing your web design firm.

Annlin Web designer believe that cheap web design can in fact be an example of the highest web design cost. The cost of web design should be calculated based on the returns the web site brings.

Annlin web designer for web sites that make a profit

Before we do the calculations for the web design cost examples we need to put in place some variables or fixed ideas. Web design is a cost of sales and is thus a drain on the bottom line unless there are specific returns. In the web design cost examples below we will be making the following assumptions. Obviously every business has different levels of profit, different average sales and different products.

The web design cost examples are simplified for the ease of explanation. I have assumed a single product a widget at a cost of R 300.00 retailing at R450.00. I have further made an assumption that the business has a nett margin of 10% after all costs of sales, overheads and expenses.

The web design cost examples assume that if the firm sells 4500.00 worth of stock they will achieve a nett profit of R 450.00. Improbable I agree but for simplicity these are the assumptions I have made.

Web design cost example one.
Company A has a web site designed at a cost of R 4500.00. The website is unsuccessful in getting quality traffic because the Pretoria web design firm contracted does not understand SEO and internet marketing. The website gets minimal traffic and does no sales during the year. Company A has to sell R 45 000 worth of stock to cover the costs of the website. The web design cost is a nett cost of sales and has no value to Company A.

The web design cost in this example can be described as high as there is no return on investment because the web site design did not take into account the marketing of the website. If this company traditionally does R 450 000 worth of business a year the website would have been a nett cost of 10% of profit.

Annlin web designer for web sites that create leads and sales

Web design cost example two.
Company B has a web site designed at a cost of R 9000.00. The website is successful in getting quality traffic because the Pretoria web design firm contracted does understand SEO and internet marketing. The Pretoria web design company contracted started at the sharp end doing proper keyword research and social media strategy.

The website gets maximum traffic and leads to sales of R 45 000 a month during the year directly attributed to the web site. Based on the profit margins the website will have paid for itself in two months and improved the bottom line by 45 000 over the next 10 months. The web design cost is no longer a cost of sales, because it added to the firms profitability. The web site value to Company B.

Even if this website only created sales of R 90 000 in it’s first year the cost of the web site would be borne by the website.

Annlin web designer for web sites that are an investment

Web design cost as in many things in life higher when you buy cheap. Facts are that any business offering budget websites at only a few hundred or even a few thousand rands cannot supply a service that allows your business to thrive on what is fast becoming an extremely competitive space.

Annlin web design firm, Pretoria web development do not build web sites that are a cost of sales, Pretoria web development become a part of your business ensuring the websites growth, They will manage your website, your social media presence and your internet marketing strategies. Make an investment in your business and engage with a team dedicated to your success.

Annlin web designer for Linux web hosting

90% of the web is hosted on Linux servers, The Annlin web designers do all of their development in a Linux environment, Our web sites are hosted on the LAMP platform, That is Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. I have in the past hosted on Windows servers and developed in ASP and .NET. The results were not as reliable. Our servers have a 99.7% uptime. and hosting is available from as little as R69.00 per month.

Annlin web designer for Search Engine optimisation

It is my experience that less than 20% of websites do any real SEO, This is despite the fact that 93% of online experiences start with a search engine. 76% of that traffic comes through Google. Our development always has SEO in the fore ground. If your websites do not develop leads and sales, it is likely that less of your money will be spent on our services.

Frankly My goal is to part you from as much money as possible and the best way to ensure that is to give your Annlin business the results you want from the web.

If you liked this please share it, it really makes my day and I really appreciate it.

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