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Imagimedia is a digital agency offering custom web and multi media development, design, Internet marketing and optimisation.

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Full stack web development

Imagimedia are Nelspruit, Mbombela, Mpumalanga based web developers offering full stack web development. Full stack web development covers everything from concept and user interface to the server side programming. Our skill set includes HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript and graphic design. Guy has been designing and developing websites since 1996 when any interaction was created in Perl. (See History)
full stack web development Nelspruit, Mbombela, Mpumalanga

Full service digital agency

Imagimedia is a full service digital agency, offering services from concept design to marketing or getting the results you need. We know how to say no, but prefer not to. When we are part of your team, we like to get the job done efficiently and effectively. If something is thought to be impossible, we will be the agency that finds a solution and makes it happen.

What is full stack web development?

If web design and development were a car, full stack would be everything from designing the concept to getting it road tested for the first time. Here at Imagimedia we go one step further and service and tune the car to gain optimum performance. In web terms full stack web development is consulting with the client to understand their needs, creating a plan and strategy, creating a concept, engineering and coding the concept, placing it on line, testing it, analysing the results, tuning and testing it and finally improving the performance as best as possible.

We do multi media design and development.

Nelspruit, Mbombela, Mpumalanga Web Design

Based in Nelspruit, Mbombela, Mpumalanga, we offer web design services to customers across South Africa. There was a time when your service providers needed to be local, but your web designer can be anywhere. Email and messenger programmes make communication easy, If you want a face to face, Whatsapp, Skype and Facebook have video facilities.

Web designer since 1996

The front end is the part you see. HTML gives the page structure and CSS gives it the layout elements. I consider this the design end of the web site, I also include image creation and all components related to the page that is viewed by the web surfer design. At Imagimedia we have developed software that works mainly server side and we create unique templates using CSS and HTML to build websites on the fly on the server. Every page on this web site uses this method.

Web design is the graphic component of any web development.

Guy the owner of Imagimedia has in his long career contracted to notable institutions like, Remax Warner Lambert Pfizer,, Reed Elsevier, The London Underground and HIQ for various facets of their business requirements. Guy spent 5 years in London fine tuning his web design and development skills. He has worked alongside many very talented individuals in the field.
full stack web development Nelspruit, Mbombela, Mpumalanga since 1996
Guy has designed websites from a simple blog to an e-commerce website for Laeveldbou, who were rebranded BUCO. Sadly the website no longer exists.

When Guy first learned HTML in 1996, there were no wysiwig (what you see is what you get) programmes for web desgn. Guy has never learned how to use any wysiwig applications because he believes that they create bad code. Code can be to standards but still not good. Guy can do what most wysiwig programmes can do in less than half the code, speeding up the web sites dramatically.

Back in the 00's Guy started using WordPress because, why re invent the wheel. The relationship with WordPress lasted untill the second time Guy's clients got hacked and their websites needed reinstalling from scratch. Since the move to his own code, not one case of hacking has occurred. Guy suspects it has to do with time vs results. If a hacker finds a back door into one Wordpress website, finding hundreds of others to attack is a matter of Googling for them.

Spending the same time hacking a custom built CMS gives far fewer sites to attack. Hackers tend to focus on targets that give them the best bang for their buck. Hacking a few dozen websites vs hacking hundreds is a no brainer. This is not a challenge to the cracking community, Nothing is hack proof, but Wordpress and Joomla will allow you more targets with not much more effort.

Web development

Think about web development as the component of a web site that pulls it all together. If you need something special to calculate how long a website takes to download, a script to see what the main keywords are on a website, or even just a content management system that takes information from one source and displays it on a screen as a web site, then a developer has had their oar in.

Here at Imagimedia we build php systems, that allow your web site to work efficiently and fast. It is said there are two ways to code, One is to code as simply as possible so there are no errors, the other is to complicate the code so much that there can be no errors, The second leads to bloatware and slows down web sites and software.

We were around when complete programmes were smaller than single images are today. In the 1980's everything that needed doing was done on a 20mb hard drive, today 1GB of RAM won't start operating systems. Code was simpler and not as pretty, but it did the job. Our code is no longer bare bones but we focus on functionality and speed rather than complicating issues.

Web development includes everything related to the coding and building of a website. Today most web site designers are Word-Press installers. They use a freely available CMS with either Premium (paid for themes) or Free themes found on the Internet. If something goes wrong they are unable to solve the problem.

Imagimedia code everything from scratch and do not use third party components. We guarantee that there will never be a copyright claim on anything we supply. We also know our code intimately and can troubleshoot and repair any faults that occur with server software updates and upgrades, upgrades to the programming and coding languages and more.
Nelspruit, Mbombela, Mpumalanga full stack web development
If you need a specialised component we have developed components from a bond calculator to calculators that worked out how much material was needed for building projects. These calculators allowed clients to work out how much material to buy. The calculators created more interest in the sites than any other pages.

The world wide web and your marketing strategy

At Imagimedia we are all about strategy and planning. It's not enough to have a website, every website needs a goal and a strategy. What can be done to make the site better? How can we attract more visitors and get more sales. These questions are more important than design. We know that running a business is first and foremost about generating a profit.

Anyone that doesn't run a business at a profit will not be in business. If your web designer does not understand this, they too will soon be out of business. Having a strategy and a plan for success makes a website an investment not a cost. I define any marketing as a cost if it does not generate more value than is spent on it.

Optimisation of the website to achieve the desired results

Every web site we build is optimised for the search engines. We include components like sitemaps, robots.txt files and schema markup as standard. There is no need to get any third party plug in to do any function on our websites. Planning ahead obviates the need for unnecessary efforts.

Our code is pre-optimised for the basics. We know that in order for a website to be an investment it needs to get search engine referrals. Our system has all the necessary features to be search engine ready, every website is mobile ready, has individual page titles, descriptions and keyword facilities. We know what works and what the search engines like and have made allowances for that on every build.

Unlike the popular and well known Content Management Systems, ours is search engine ready in it's base form. We don't need to sell you, or install add-ons to make anything work.

Internet Marketing and your website

At Imagimedia we don't sell services we believe to be unnecessary or that offer poor ROI. You won't find any offers to place your business on 1000 groups every month, or offers to add your business to 10 000 directories because we know that that doesn't add value to anything. We don't make promises, we deliver results.

We will also never tell you that we can guarantee you quick results, not because we can't but we also know that things change. What is a good practice today may not be a good practice tomorrow. Google makes changes regularly and the only way to be ahead of the curve is to be keeping updated. There are a few things that have remained constant through all of the algorythm changes.

If you are hoping that a website or SEO is going to magically save your business in it's dying throes from disaster, It can but not if the Sheriff is already on his way. Internet Marketing is not a quick solution, when done right, but it is a solution that will continue bringing dividends for a long time. I still get results from marketing I did over 4 years ago. No other form of marketing can offer that.

We offer the following marketing services.
  1. Search Engine Optimisation
  2. Copy writing, Blogging and graphic content creation
  3. Video editing and animation
  4. Local optimisation using Google and social media

Content creation, Social media and web site management training

We offer one on one and group training in managing your website, Content creation and social media management techniques.

Other web services

  1. Web Hosting
  2. Domain Registration

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