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91% of websites get no search engine results, the majority of web traffic goes to a few web sites. Someone is looking for a business like yours, you need to be in that 9% of web sites that get the results or your web site has no value. There is a joke in the SEO industry that page 2 of Google is where you go to bury the bodies, no one is going to find them.

The founder of Imagimedia, Guy, built his first web site in 1996, and has run various small businesses using the web as his primary source of leads for more than 30 years.

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I built my first commercial web site for Remax in 1996, My client list while I was in the UK included Virgin Net, London Underground and Warner Lambert before the merger with Pfizer. My client list in South africa included The department of Sport and Recreation, Hi-Q and others.

A web site that gets no search engine traffic is of no value

Statistically having a web site has very little value to most businesses, I am one of the exceptions. I have made my living getting leads from the web for my woodworking business and for years I have been building web sites purely as a sideline and for my own use. I have sold a few web sites over the years because they had value from getting search engine traffic.

I have developed a package that has everything a web site needs to get the results any small business needs to gain success from the web. The web site will be set up correctly from the get go and does not need plug ins and added modules to be search engine ready. I have personally used the same package to go from zero to hero in less than six months.
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Content builder benefits

Web design that can be tailored to most budgets

We know that not all small businesses have big budgets so will tailor the offering to suit most budgets. We can create the frame work and show you how to do the work yourself if you don't have a real budget for marketing on the web.
Budget friendly options available

Search engine ready

Our package includes all the extra modules that search engines like. We have a robots.txt file, a site map to submit to the search engines, custom error pages that give visitors that have found an error page direct access to your website, a built in FAQ page and even a link exchange page to help build authority.

Every page has a full set of meta tags including, title, description, keywords and canonical links so that the search engines don't dilute your pages by indexing them twice.
All the metatags incuding semantic tags, Search engine ready out of the box.

Every site is SSL enabled and redirects users to the secure page. The search engines are big fans of secure websites.
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Content builder benefits

Every site is designed to be responsive, this means that no matter what platform you use from mobile and tablet to PC, the site will display best for the browser being used. A mobile ready web site is not an extra and with Google's "mobile first" directive absolutely essential.

We include semantic tags, so that the search engines can use that information to index your page as a Local Business including the area you cover, opening hours and more information specific to the search engines needs.

Compressed and cached. One page on WordPress is bigger than our entire website package including images and database, downloads fast from first paint to full projection.

Add your Google analytics codes so that you can know where your traffic is coming from, how many visitors and more.

Owner updatable

Using the Administration area you can make changes to existing pages, add and remove pages, blogs, faqs, products and more if you choose the online shop option or even just change addresses, you have full control of your site or you can leave it to us.

Add a map on your contact page, by copying some code and pasting it.

Theme based

You can choose and modify one of our standard themes, or we can create something unique for your web site. In order to create something specific, we will show you how to find design ideas you like and we can build on those.

Standard Features

Home page plus 4 pages for main navigation.
Added pages with access to information, terms and conditions and other legal information.
Blog Module for writing articles about your products for added SEO benefits includes social media "like" buttons.
FAQ module for added SEO benefits
Contact page with form to mail, map and full contact details

Optional Features

Online shopping catalogue
Shopping Cart
Online Payments

Hosted on superfast servers with 99.8% up time

Content builder is hosted on servers with unlimited bandwidth, and 99.8% uptime. Included in the standard hosting are 5 email addresses @ your domain, auto responders and redirection of email if you prefer.

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My address is here for information only, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. No shop at this address, If you arrive without an appointment, I may be out, busy or just not available, when I am coding I need no interruptions.

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