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Cape Reserve web design and optimisation

Cape Reserve is a suburb in the western suburbs of Pretoria in the Gauteng province of South Africa. Here at Imagimedia we service companies based in Cape Reserve.

Cape Reserve Web Design

In Afrikaans there is a saying, goedkoop is duurkoop. In English we talk about being penny wise and pound foolish. They basically mean the same thing. Experience tells us we cannot get a Ferrari if we can only afford a Beetle.

Here at Cape Reserve web design company, Imagimedia we offer service to businesses with both small and large budgets.

A Beetle with petrol will get you anywhere the Ferrari will go, slower in some instances, and the Beetle will probably go to some places the Ferrari won't. You wouldn't try and drive a Ferrari on a beach or a twee spoor farm road, you'd tear the guts out of it. Your Cape Reserve website should be designed to suit your business and budget yet still give you the best possible performance, Even our cheapest websites have the right fuel

Is your Cape Reserve Website an investment or a nett cost

Advertising is either an investment or a nett cost to the business as is all marketing. Marketing is to generate business. Exposure doesn't pay the rent, sales do. My sole criteria for if something has value in my business is, Does it make a profit? If your web site does not make a profit it has no value to the business.

It matters not whether your business is in Cape Reserve or Timbuktoo here at Imagimedia we can be of service

Webwerf ontwerp in Cape Reserve

Ons doen webwerf ontwerp vir besighede van Kaap tot in Kairo en verder. Ons weet ons kliente is van so naby as Cape Reserve maar hoef glad nie by ons kantoor uit te kom nie, Ons kan instruksies neem van ons klieente oor epos, Skype of selfs Facebook. Daar is geen rede om oor 'n lessenaar mekaar te beloer nie.

Ons webwerwe word almal met al die benodighede vir webwerf optimalisering gedoen. Kyk gerus in ons webwerf vir nog Afrikaanse artikels en inligting, of u 'n Cape Reserve webwerf of 'n webwerf in die Noord Kaap nodig het.

Affordable web design, Cape Reserve

As a small business owner, I have spent money on advertising, because, a business with no advertising is like a bloke winking at a girl in the dark, Only the winker knows. Over the last 20 years I have learned to spend money where it counts. If I advertise in a magazine and I get no results, I don't do that again. Having had a few different small businesses I can tell you that what works for one does not necessarily work for another.
Affordable web design Cape Reserve It doesn't matter how cheap the advertising is, or how expensive, if it gets no results its too expensive. Getting a cheap web site, ie a Beetle with no fuel is not affordable web design, it's a waste of hard earned money. Further to this if your business is in trouble and you are hoping that an affordable web site is a quick fix, it's not.
There is a dictum on the web, you either spend money paying someone to do the hard work, or you spend the time doing it your self. Getting results from the internet will not happen over night, it will not happen with out effort and it's your choice whether you pay for someone to do it properly or do it your self.

Anything that pays for itself is affordable, Real affordable web design gets results. You should earn more from your web site than you spend on it. Full stop. You cannot do that if your affordable web site doesn't get seen by anybody.

Can I get affordable web design in Cape Reserve

Affordable web design can be had in Cape Reserve if you want real results. A web site will only start showing dividends moths after it goes live, The reason for this is that a web site needs to be better than anything the opposition offer. If you are planning to do what every one else in Cape Reserve is doing, that is the first mistake. Sell the sizzle not the steak.

Cape Reserve Search Engine Optimisation

Our affordable web design package is designed in part around being able to make great title and meta tags, because they are important. A great Title tag can lead to more click throughs and thus resulting in better search engine positioning.

We also included the semantic web. The semantic web is a method of telling the search engines what the page is about, we can also tell them what areas you cover, where you are and what your business hours are, These details let the search engines know you are serious about offering great information.

Included in the affordable web design package is a site map, to make it easier for the search engines to index your website, a robots.txt file to tell them where it is, and a links page that links to other affordable web sites, and from them as well. The link page is important because search engines use back links as one more measurement of your authority.


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